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Executive Summary

In order to set an objective direction for the Sacco and to offer high quality and member-centric services, the Board of Directors of Ubunifu Sacco Society Limited have developed and religiously follow a 5 -year Strategic Plan.

Focal Objective

Financial institutions are constantly challenged to manage
within complex and dynamic environments; Ubunifu Sacco is constantly scanning, innovating and adopting very adaptive tools to ensure it stays in touch with the immediate and future needs of its members


Ubunifu Sacco provides customized financial services to both the bankable and those considered un-bankable citizens. This means that the Sacco ensures that there is something for each and every member regardless of their current financial status.

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Ubunifu Sacco posts significant growth

Ubunifu Credit and Saving Co-operative Society, which majority of shareholders are the youth has realized a landmark growth financially after two years since inception. This may serve as a game changer as majority of Kenyan youth perceive Saccos as a reserve for older people as majority of them shun from any form of savings and

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Reflecting on UBUNIFU SACCO First AGM

As Ubunifu SACCO, we finally held our first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 27 2017. The month of May also marks two years since Ubunifu SACCO received certificate of incorporation thereby becoming a fully registered SACCO under the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Cooperatives. Therefore it is a double celebration for these important

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In my earlier posts, I have been handling on the issue of savings and it’s important. Today, I want you to think on the below statement that is so common to many of us today: “I can’t save!” “There’s nothing left to save at the end of the month!” How many times have you heard

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Setting And Reaching Your Saving Goals

Setting And Reaching Your Saving Goals Most of young men have dreams and have set goals, and determining even the specific objectives to be achieved after a period of time. Setting the specific savings goals is one thing and implementing them is another thing. Most of us we have been caught debating whether to save

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Why savings in a SACCO gives you long term leverage

Savings through a SACCO is a gift that will keep on giving. Savings with a strategic motive is one of the ways to get the most out of your savings. Let me explain how. Life mainly takes place in three major phases: the starting up age, the middle life age and the old age. In

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Today, our universities in the country are releasing thousands of graduates who are competing in a very competitive environment to secure themselves jobs or even struggling to set up businesses. It has been difficulty for us whom we believe that to get a job in this country depends on whom do you know who knows

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Obama’s Farewell Speech to the Nation that has Made the Audience Cry Again

Hello Skybrook! It’s good to be home! Thank you, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s good to be home. Thank you. We’re on live TV here, I’ve got to move. You can tell that I’m a lame duck, because nobody is following instructions. Everybody have

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The Art of Generosity: How God Wants us to be

On a TV show, a competition had reached the peak, and $20,000 was up for grabs!! Only 6 constants are remaining: owner of a chain of restaurants (Gilberts), an unemployed woman whose husband had lost job (Mary), and the other 4. Mary had prepared the best meal, but had forgotten to pick the most crucial

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File: Wycliffe G. Makworo

RE: I Have a Christmas Gift for You, Dear Christians

This is the time when the Christian community enters a celebratory mood, where people do all they can, that which makes them happy regardless of impending consequences. Having grown up in the middle of a village in Nyamira, I was socialized to believe that Christmas is all about eating, drinking, dancing, et cetera. I remember

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In Kenya today, Savings and Credit Cooperatives have become a spontaneous response to a long history of officious procedures and requirements associated with established commercial banks. Also, the emergence of Sacco’s is part of a larger growth that has led to the burgeoning of credit financial institutions and micro-enterprises, which contribute to the growth of

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How I Transformed my Breaking Relationship with a Spendthrift Boyfriend to a Happy Marriage

The conference ended at 4:30 pm. Dr. A.M had just expressed how she underwent painful moments with a fiancé who was committed to solve all problems of people, but didn’t concentrate much on the future of their family. On the point of seeking to break-up, Dr. A.M thought to save the ship from sinking. “I

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Ubunifu SACCO

Celebrating Our Investment and Savings Heroes This Mashujaa Day

We are currently preparing to celebrate Mashujaa Day, just this week. As we sing their songs, it is my appeal that we should not forget singing about agents of socio-economic transformation of our country. These are striving to help Kenyans generate wealth and develop a savings culture. Without them, the hope of humanity for crossing

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Trust in the writing industry

Advancing the Principle of Trust in the Freelance Industry

The freelancing industry (commonly referred to as online writing along Thika Superhighway) is purely a trust-me-I-trust-you endeavor! I remember how it all started a few years ago: you only needed to like a Facebook page with the word “Academia”, lie that you have been writing for the last three years and you urgently needed to

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Transforming the SACCO sector for the Next Generation of Bankers

The Standard Newspaper on November 11, 2014 reported an unprecedented increase in number of SACCOs seeking licenses to enter the already competitive finance sector. However, majority of these SACCOs (including those seeking conversion into commercial banks) still exhibited over reliance on traditional paperwork for all their customer service processes. Carilus Ademba, SASRA’s CEO, recognises the

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Ubunifu Sacco: the Journey so far

From modest beginnings, Ubunifu Sacco initially started as a savings club in 2013 with about 12 members. Over the period of the next couple of months, the savings club continued to grow. Being freelancers, majority of people would not get loan services from commercial banks. Therefore the savings club was formed to provide financial services

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Ubunifu Sacco

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