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RE: I Have a Christmas Gift for You, Dear Christians

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This is the time when the Christian community enters a celebratory mood, where people do all they can, that which makes them happy regardless of impending consequences. Having grown up in the middle of a village in Nyamira, I was socialized to believe that Christmas is all about eating, drinking, dancing, et cetera. I remember those days when my grandmother (may her soul RIP) used to prepare pots of local brew for the whole village. Even those non-drinkers were forced to have at least a sip on the eve of Christmas! The greatest question that lingered in my mind was what exactly Christmas is! Then I went to the Church to seek the real redefinition of Christmas.

Christmas is actually the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ, the Messiah came in the flesh and agreed to be born in a humble background. He came to live amongst us, and in our hearts in order to give us life. This is why we are called associates of the God-kind, partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). Actually, what humanity needs is the life of Christ.

Now, the problem arises as most of us engage in unnecessary spending and doing all sorts of unnecessary endeavors as a way of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Doing all these is null and void because that is not the will of Jesus. At His birth, Jesus wants the lost sheep to join Him and multiply His kingdom more than seven fold. The processes of doing this include praying for the Holy Spirit to come upon us, giving our lives to Jesus, and confessing our sins so that we continue partaking in His Holy Communion. We then give thanks through feeding the poor and hungry, giving to charity, and doing all works of mercy to the best level we can.

It is not rational to attract poverty to our lives every December 25 in the name of celebrating the life of Christ. Transport systems become too expensive, vehicles speed beyond limits to collect as much as they can, and we spend without thinking what lies before us come January. Let this period feature relaxation moods and humility characterized by meditation of our spiritual lives as we strive to welcome Jesus to be born in our hearts. Let’s forget about the hustles of highways, and spend our time at environments featuring widespread serenity in order to receive Jesus with our full attention.

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