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How I Transformed my Breaking Relationship with a Spendthrift Boyfriend to a Happy Marriage

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The conference ended at 4:30 pm. Dr. A.M had just expressed how she underwent painful moments with a fiancé who was committed to solve all problems of people, but didn’t concentrate much on the future of their family. On the point of seeking to break-up, Dr. A.M thought to save the ship from sinking. “I just didn’t like his spending behaviours , but I couldn’t allow it separate us because he had all other qualities I ever wanted.” She expressed.

Having identified that the problem is affecting  most of our generation, I followed her immediately to learn how she handled it.

“On a Saturday morning, I requested him out.” Narrated Dr. A.M. “Of course he didn’t have a penny for the same, but I promised to cater for everything.” At the rendezvous, I told him that he has a problem, and a problem that required urgent attention. The problem of lack of a finance saving culture. “We needed an urgent solution!” She exclaimed.

Although it took courage and breathtaking, Dr. A.M managed to convince her fiancé that things had to change or call an end. “I told him simply that he knows how to find money, but doesn’t know how to use it sparingly. Though at that time I was not earning much, I was keen on savings and investments. I requested him to allow me have more say in family finance. He accepted after a long and troublesome convincing. He gave me the ATMs and all account details. And that was the end of the relationship troubles.”

Dr. A.M opened an account with a SACCO and started saving for a lifetime plan. After 14 months, the family already owned a plot and had started a construction. “We acquired a loan of ksh. 1,200,000 at 1% interest rate from a savings I had made of ksh. 420,000 by depositing ksh. 30,000 from his salary every month. That was long before we even formalized our marriage. By the time we were settling down two years later, we had a magnificent house and a corona car for our convenience.”

They are now happily married with two kids expecting a third angel in six months’ time. That is the power of a woman with a vision.

It is critical for us men to who have the problem to accept and give powers to women, provided they are women with visions. We do not need to be proud in the short-run, and loose in the long-run. 99% of the women have future of families at their hearts. Given opportunity, we minimize chances of running into troubles.

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