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Celebrating Our Investment and Savings Heroes This Mashujaa Day

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We are currently preparing to celebrate Mashujaa Day, just this week. As we sing their songs, it is my appeal that we should not forget singing about agents of socio-economic transformation of our country. These are striving to help Kenyans generate wealth and develop a savings culture. Without them, the hope of humanity for crossing the poverty line are permanently constrained. I am talking of Savings and Credit Society Cooperative (SACCOs).

SACCOs are currently helping many Kenyans to make decisions featuring rationality and oriented towards prosperity as they strive to transform their lives. A penny kept today translates to pennies tomorrow.

Kenya’s SACCOs are maximizing on the two unhappy phenomena. First, banks are unwilling to lend to Kenyans with startups. Second, high interest rates charged by banks. Although the recent capping of interest rate is currently a reality, banks are going to further establish stringent loan access procedures. This is yet another reason why SACCOs are going to exhibit relevance in the Kenyan context.

Ubunifu SACCO has achieved an extraordinary growth in the recent months due to its less stringent rules and ability to meet all member needs within short schedules. From a humble background, Ubunifu is proud of having identified, anticipated and devised ways of meeting customer needs without customer undergoing strains. As such, the SACCO is currently joining the hero society as an investment and savings guru.

Currently, SACCO members pride enriching rewards because they provide win-win situations for both lenders and borrowers. Beneficiaries are certain that over time they will not only grow their personal businesses, but also their savings in the SACCO.

SACCOs such as Ubunifu are dedicated to helping Kenyans achieve their social and economic goals. “We shall also celebrate ourselves this Mashujaa Day because we are heroes/heroines dedicated to change the status of citizens of this country.”

By Wycliffe G. Makworo

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