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Trust in the writing industry

Advancing the Principle of Trust in the Freelance Industry

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The freelancing industry (commonly referred to as online writing along Thika Superhighway) is purely a trust-me-I-trust-you endeavor! I remember how it all started a few years ago: you only needed to like a Facebook page with the word “Academia”, lie that you have been writing for the last three years and you urgently needed to stay peaceful with the landlord by end month (unless you are very sure that he had booked the Malaysian Airplane). Other things like quality would take care of themselves later through revisions. Alternatively, you would walk keenly inside tunnels and flyovers along the superhighway, and especially Kahawa Wendani where online writing was born, carefully reading all postas pinned. At the end of the month, the possibility of peaceful coexistence with the landlord was contingent upon the honesty of your employer, quality of your work and the amount of work available. It all went well for many, but a few were forced to down tools due to trust issues.

In 2015, at a time like today (only that there was no eclipse the previous day), someone suggested that writers too-just like teachers, accountants, community groups, and most recent the police-needed a SACCO. Insults that followed perhaps could be the reason why Mark Zuckerberg was forced to tour Kenya yesterday. And Kenyans never spared him-some used his own platform to insult him!

As a writer, I did not see any problem with starting the 2015-edition Sacco. A Sacco, regardless of the interest rate capping Banking Act of 2016, are still the best avenues for socio-economic development. With their very low interest rates and ambitious saving plans, Saccos have helped majority of Kenyans grow businesses and consequently create multibillion enterprises. Perhaps the problem with the suggested SACCO could have been with the starters or writers. Wrong introduction by starters and trust issues among the freelancers might have fueled the rejection!

One factor that worries me most is that majority of us have opened fixed accounts with banks. With fixed accounts, investors borrow and develop themselves while we keep jumping up and down at static positions. However, the ksh.100, 000 fixed at some commercial bank would enable you access a loan of ksh. 300,000 at only 1% interest rate if you have a feasible business idea.

The reason for every institution, industry and department starting their own SACCOs constitute the tenet that “…understand my needs…” The police Sacco understands actual needs of the police, the Mwalimu Sacco understands the needs of teachers, and the nurses’ Sacco understands the needs of teachers…-what of writers? The writers Sacco could understand the needs of writers!

Assume it is end month and Essaywriters decides to suspend your account and promises to pay your $2300 after 3 months. Disturbed by the landlord, your writers crowd at the doorstep of your apartment, ready to do anything to get paid. Among writers, this is a genuine reason to get an emergency loan from the SACCO and can easily get guarantors regardless of the financial position at that time. Go to Gakuyu or Rafiki Sacco with such a reason-you may not get instant assistance because they do not understand what Acemy Homework is all about.

From the standpoint of reality, it is imperative to realize the necessity of having something to be proud of as writers even if the industry could collapse today. We only need to build trust and take risks because even the established Saccos did not fall from heaven, but started right here on earth. Already the trust has been advanced among members who have been able to reap the fruits of writers’ Sacco. We cannot fear to be members of financial institutions at the start-up, and want to join at established when admission will be damn expensive. The necessity of identifying one writers’ SACCO near you and seeking membership should not be underestimated. Through effort integration, we can grow together as children of a united nation.

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