Core Values

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Ubunifu Sacco is committed to its principles that guide the organisation in decision making as it conducts its core mandate of serving its members. The Sacco is guided by the following values:
1. Transparency and accountability Ubunifu Sacco carries out its operations in an open manner; clear to everyone. The Sacco is liable and answerable for its functions and actions during the course of conducting its business.
2. Equity/equality The Sacco does not discriminate against any party regardless of their gender, age, physical ability, race or tribe. All members are treated with fairness and without bias.
3. Integrity and professionalism The Sacco upholds moral soundness and carries itself in an ethical manner and at all times follows laid down rules and procedures.

 Team of Integrity and professionalism

Team of Integrity and professionalism

4. Team work The Sacco cooperates with other parties and staff in service delivery to harness team synergies.
5. Innovativeness Ubunifu Sacco at all times endeavors to be proactively creative and responsive to the needs of members and those of the operating environment


February 2023